Fast Spikes for Fast Women

By Jen, the Fastest Woman Alive (at Foot Tools)

I recently had the opportunity to rabbit an International Level meet in Toronto (NTL).  My job was to pull the girls through the first 400m of an 800 in 58 seconds.  These girls definitely had some wheels to be able to run such a fast 400m split and not be crawling through the finish line.  All the competitors in the race had very impressive personal best times in the low two minute range. Needless to say these girls were FAST!

Since I’ve started working at Foot Tools I no longer size up my competition, but size down my competition.  I have developed a habit of looking at my competitors spikes to increase my confidence.  When I look down and see a runner wearing entry level spikes and I know my spikes are faster, I find my nerves calming and my confidence rising.  When you get as nervous as I do before races you do what you can!

By force of habit I looked down at the spikes the girls were wearing at the NTL race.  I couldn’t believe how many of these elite athletes were wearing entry level spikes!  Spikes can’t work miracles, but in a tight race it could be the difference between going home with a medal or without.  I wanted to hand them all a Foot Tools card right then and there but bit my tongue.

Here is a list of some of my favourite spikes that I would recommend for women, available at Foot Tools.  These are my favourites because they are so fast!

Sprint: Prima Diva Sprint by Asics

–          amazing full length plate with enough flexibility to be utilized efficiently by women

Asics Prima Diva Sprint 2

Middle Distance: GEO Silencer by Mizuno

–          plate similar to a sprint spike with a middle distance heel

–          I swear by this spike!!

Mizuno Geo Silencer

Distance: Nike Matumbo

–          great bottom and feather light

–          narrow enough for a woman’s foot

Nike Zoom Matumbo


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  1. John Lawson
    John Lawson says:

    Yes it is interesting how many high performance athletes use entry level spikes. Also many of them use heavy shoes when training.We are helping them at FootTools to recognize advantage of training in racing flats


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