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Foot Tools is the only running shoe retailer in Burlington that carries a large selection of widths (narrow and wide) for men and women. Our top selling brands are Saucony, Mizuno and Asics; we carry a large selection of racing flats, lightweight trainers, and running shoes for runners and walkers who need either neutral or stability footwear.

We also carry a smaller selection of footwear by New Balance, Nike, Brooks, Inov-8, and Altra. Give us a call at 905.637.1888 and see if we carry the shoe you are looking for!


CEP-–-INTELLIGENT-SPORTSWEAR-FOR-EVERY-ATHLETE-Available-at-Foot-Tools-BurlingtonCEP is the sports brand of medi GmbH & Co. KG headquartered in Bayreuth, Germany. CEP offers a collection of shorts, tights, shirts, short socks, knee socks and sleeves for running, biking, triathlon, soccer, basketball, handball, ice hockey, riding, golf and a wide variety of other sports. CEP products enhance performance and recovery through the targeted use of compression to improve blood circulation and speed up lactate metabolism. CEP offers the right product for every athlete to achieve a perfect balance between health and performance. The superior quality of our products is guaranteed by our unmatched expertise and German production facilities.
CEP compression sportswear contains a one-of-a-kind level of compression expertise: six decades of research and development on the effects of compression are integrated into every CEP product. This advanced stitching technology “made by medi”, the specialists in medical compression, allows the compression thread to be precisely incorporated into the circular knitted material. 

The result:

A physiologically perfect compression profile for greater performance, longer endurance and faster recovery. Regardless if you’re wearing CEP before, during or after exercise CEP products are your perfect partner for maximizing performance and recovery.

Run 2.0 Socks

Run 2.0 Socks

Calf Sleeves 2.0

Calf Sleeves 2.0

CW-X Conditioning Wear

CW-X-Conditioning-Wear-available-at-Foot-Tools-Burlington-west-of-Toronto-On-Your-FeetFoot Tools carries CW-X Conditioning Wear, specialized and unique compression that enhances an athlete’s efficiency in performance and recovery.  Patented technology targets specific areas for improved muscle and joint support, providing better endurance and less fatigue.

CW-X Conditioning Wear available at Foot Tools includes Insulator tights for the colder weather, and Stabilyx and Ventilator tights (3/4 length and full length) for all year round.  Compression shorts, socks and sports bras are also available.

Contact us if you have any questions about a specific style.

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Moving Comfort – Your Workout Partner

When it comes to sports bras and fitness apparel, what matters to you matters to Moving Comfort. As an all-woman company, everything they create is designed around you. When it feels good and looks great, you’ll be more confident and have more fun when you wear it.

Foot Tools carries a great selection of Moving Comfort bras and select clothing.  Ask any of our qualified female staff for advice on bra fitting or what clothing we have in stock.

Anatomy of a Moving Comfort sports bra

Anatomy of a Moving Comfort sports bra


For BUFF® Headwear, performance begins with versatility. A micro-fibre BUFF® quickly transforms into 12 different technical base layers for your head and neck – all in a package of the size of an energy bar. Adjust the way you wear it to combat changing weather on the fly.  Foot Tools carries almost every style in a variety of colours and patterns.  


The Original Buff

The adventure tech-accessory for all-season use. Born in Spain the Original BUFF® is worn by world-class athletes and outdoor enthusiasts all over Canada.  The Original BUFF® helps you stay comfortable as you get out on the trails, climb those peaks and get out rain or shine.

The Infinity Buff

Infinity BUFF® is a soft oversized tubular scarf perfect for any woman to pair up with her favourite active wear or casual dress. The Infinity comes in 3 different materials and in a lot awesome designs. 

Bandana Buff

Bandana BUFF® is an edgy sibling to the traditional bandana.  A unique double layer triangle that joins patterns and attitude with warm protective Polar fleece.

Polar Buff

Twenty three additional centimetres of cozy Polartec® Microfleece transform the original Buff into a cold weather necessity. Twist it, flip it, fold it or just slip it on, our Polar BUFF® will keep you toasty warm in harsh weather conditions.

Reversible Polar Buff

2 sides 2 styles: The Reversible Polar BUFF® is all about options. This highly versatile product is double layered with micro-fibre backed by soft, warm and ultra-thin Polartec® microfleece.  The Reversible BUFF® can be reversed three different ways to fit personal style a desired level of thermal protection.

Headband Buff

Thank goodness! A headband that looks good and stays put while you get your groove in your favourite sport! Coolmax® Extreme helps wick away moisture and Polygiene® keeps your Headband BUFF® fresh.

Merino Wool Buff

Wool BUFF® is made from 100% natural Merino Wool for luxurious, next-to-skin comfort. Keeps you comfortable, even when the weather is wet all year round.  Wool BUFF® is now available in rich, sophisticated patterns and bright, fun solids that will accent your next outdoor adventure. 

Junior Buff & Baby Buff

For kids who are always on the run, bike or slopes, the Original Junior BUFF® is just the right size for ages 4-11.  Perfect for school and for weekends, a Junior BUFF® keeps hair out of eyes during gym class and provides breathable comfort underneath a bike helmet.

A Baby BUFF® keeps the sun off at the playground and adds an extra layer of warmth for morning stroller rides.  Adorable designs delight and entertain youngsters. Moms and dads can be happy knowing they are machine washable.

Women’s Slim Fit Buff

Sized perfectly to fit a women’s smaller neck and head, and is designed with a feminine flair even the toughest women athletes can’t resist.  The functionality of the Original BUFF® and a variety of designs makes the Women’s Slim Fit BUFF® to a perfect companion for all adventures.

VIZIBL LED Safety Lights

Vizibl-Be-Visible-Be-Safe-available-at-Foot-Tools-Burlington-west-of-Toronto-On-Your-FeetThe VIZIBL luminous strap emits a bright light. This allows the user to be visible on the road during training in the morning, evening, night, or simply in low visibility conditions. These lights ensure the safety of the user to be seen by car drivers, pedestrians or other passer-by.

The sleek design of this LED security system has been tested to allow fluid movements while exercising. The VIZIBL luminous device is light, comfortable, and easy to use. It may be used as an armband or be attached on the user leg. Flexible and adjustable, this hook and loop strap ensure a comfortable and tight fit. This is an ideal security accessory for runners, cyclists, roller skaters, skateboarders, walkers or any other outdoor activity where the user needs to be seen in the dark.  Rain or shine, summer and winter, the VIZIBL luminous strap will increase the visibility of the user from others on the road.

Turning the light on is easy and very simple. Press the power button and the light will be activated in steady mode for 70 hours autonomy. A second button press will switch the light into flashing mode for 100 hours autonomy. A third button press will turn the light off.

The advantage to use VIZIBL products in comparison to standard reflective bands stitched on clothes is that users will be seen sooner and will not require the car lights to hit the reflective band before they become visible. People that are using VIZIBL safety lights understand the efficiency of the products simply by noticing the car drivers behaviour being more careful approaching them in the street.

Be visible, Be safe.


    • Clip the elastic strap onto the LED safety band, make sure the plastic hook is facing up.
    • Insert the elastic strap into the other hole of the band and stick together to make a close loop.
    • Put it on your arm / leg and tighten it. You can adjust the length of the elastic strap to get better fitting.
    • 2 modes : Steady (70 hours) and Flashing (100 hours)