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Need a great gift idea for the runner or walker in your life?  Check out the Nike+ SportWatch, with TomTom GPS technology!

This handy watch is simple in design, with minimal buttons and a touch screen for ease of use.  The watch displays time, distance, location, and calories burned.  Pace is also calculated, made more accurate when paired with the Nike+ chip (sold separately; may be special ordered at Foot Tools).  The watch also stores personal history, such as our running history and personal bests.  Motivational features include reminding you how long it has been since you last logged in for a run and giving you kudos for a job well done or beating your personal best.

Not tech savvy?  Don’t despair – this is quite possibly one of the easiest gadgets you will ever use.  Nike has made it super simple with a handy USB cord that will connect the watch to your computer, allowing you to download your workouts quite easily using the Nike+ website.  Setting up an account is no problem, and once created, can be used to track your workouts and progress.  You can even connect your account with your social media profiles to share your results (and maybe brag a little).

At an affordable cost of $149.99, the Nike+ SportWatch is a must to add to your Christmas wishlist or as a gift.


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