Get stronger and faster at Foot Tools


Foot Tools will be offering a specialized training group for runners looking to get stronger and get faster.

This dynamic class will focus on all the components that will contribute to make a complete runner – speed, anaerobic, lactic acid threshold, aerobic – all functional exercises designed to build running strength and provide a unique program for total fitness.  Participants can expect to work hard and train hard to achieve desired results – to be faster and physically stronger.

Class times and locations will vary.  Sessions will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings.  Cost is $100 for 12 sessions, or $10/class.

Please contact John Lawson for further details and information – [email protected]

Foot Tools currently offers weekly workouts on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at our Beach House Facility, as well as Saturday mornings at 8:30 from Foot Tools.

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