Micro Stir Fry

By John, Foot Tools Owner

How many of us buy that nice bunch of Kale then a week later there it sits all wilted in the fridge? We all have good intentions to eat more veggies, yet we cook up those eggs, bake that chicken and run out of time to prepare the vegetable. Also many feel veggies are for lunch and dinner. Where did that come from?

Here’s what you can try: grab your favourite fry pan and throw in some coconut oil. Open your fridge to see what’s in there.  Hopefully you have some onion – start with that and that lone carrot; cut some of that (the thinner the better).  Take that new bunch of broccoli and cut off some flowerettes and throw them in.  Got a wilted piece of cabbage? Go for it.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  Keep it simple and be creative; use what you have and keep it under 15 minutes.  Making healthy choices doesn’t have to be complicated.

Random veggies from John's fridge.

Random veggies from John’s fridge.

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