Nineteen Wetsuits – Benefits & Fitting Part 2

wetsuit night 2014

This winter has been a brutal one, and there is still a week left until it is officially spring! Once spring is upon us, not only do most people start ramping up their outdoor training, triathletes start feeling the itch to get out and get in the water.

Foot Tools is the premier retailer in the GTA to carry Nineteen Wetsuits, a Canadian company based in Toronto and recognized for its quality wetsuits, worn by some of Canada’s top triathletes. We rent and sell Nineteen wetsuits (visit our Product page for information).

We previously published an article about the benefits of wearing a wetsuit. This post provides video support for putting on a wetsuit, and outlines repairs and warranty information.

How To Properly Put On a Wetsuit

Once The Suit is On

Repairing Nail Cuts/Pops in Your Wetsuit

Nineteen offers a detailed description on how to repair nail cuts and pops in your wetsuit should this happen. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, bring your wetsuit into Foot Tools (regardless if it is Nineteen or another brand); we are happy to repair minor cuts and pops for $10. Contact Paula for more information: [email protected]

All brand new wetsuits have a five year warranty through Nineteen. Warranty details are here.

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