R & R for Runners

By Jen, Fastest Woman Alive (at Foot Tools)

With the summer coming to an end it’s a good time to start thinking about some rest and recovery.  This summer was record-breaking hot and I really felt the toll of all my hard running under the hot sun.  I just finished taking 3 weeks off from running and enjoyed having a life outside of running in those 3 weeks.  At the beginning of my rest, I was quite anxious about taking this time off and could just picture my out-of-shape self at the end of the hiatus.  Then a friend of mine brought something into light.  He brought up the fact that even professional athletes take at least a month off from their sport.  This is true of athletes in a range of sports from Track and Field to Hockey.  If these athletes are making a living off of their sport and taking a month off, why wouldn’t I?  This rest allows for recovery and enables athletes to reach an even higher peak in their next season.  A good rest is definitely under rated and allows the mind and body to reach higher levels.  Now  I can’t wait to get back onto the track!

During the season, recovery is also an important component of your training.  After a hard workout, I love putting on my CWX tights.  I have a pair of shorts I throw on in the summer and do many of my recovery workouts in. In the winter, I have my CWX tights, which are heavier and warm.  I have even slept in them in between race days or after a brutal workout.  I swear by them and can vouch to the fact that they do exactly what they’re suppose to do.  They increase blood flow, reduce muscle vibration and support major muscle groups and your joints.  Come check them out  at Foot Tools and I’m sure you’ll find they don’t disappoint!

Editor’s Side Note: Jen is leaving Foot Tools to move to Ottawa to do her Masters in Sports Psychology!  We wish her all the best and will really miss having her awesome personality around at the store.  Saturdays won’t really be the same!  But don’t despair, loyal Foot Tools blog readers!  Jen will be acting as a “foreign correspondent” while she is away and will keep us posted on the latest in sports psych and her progress as she carries on with her sprinting career.  This girl is ranked 8th in CANADA!  We know she will only get faster as she moves forward.  All the best and a huge hug, Jen!

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