Relax Into Your Ideal Body

Guest Blog Post by Natalie

The way you train changes after 40. Around this age your body starts to lose some of its resiliency and can be bound in knots from stress. Attempting to train or change your body in this state can be exhausting and counter productive. Typically when a physical challenge increases, your body tenses in direct proportion to the physical demand. But what if you could train yourself to respond differently? What if you could learn to relax as demand intensified.

There are a multitude of reasons why relaxing as you workout is important. For starters your muscles rest at a longer length when you’re not tense. This allows you to strengthen your muscles in an elongated position. Long, strong muscles encourage a full and free range of motion. Secondly, your endurance increases when you control your stress response. Lastly, your heart rate remains lower when you learn to relax as you workout. A lowered heart rate helps you to burn fat as your fuel source as opposed to when you go anaerobic.

There are 3 steps you can take to make sure that you don’t tense up during your next work out:

1) Take 5 deep, long successive breaths before you begin your workout. Think about breathing out all accumulated stress.

2) Become aware of your whole body when you feel challenged. Notice exactly where you are holding tension and see if you can relax it. If you can`t, then just label it as ‘tension’ and redirect your focus to what feels fluid and relaxed.

3) Picture and visualize the tense muscle in your body lengthening out and releasing.

There are more extensive methods to creating the relaxed body as physical demand escalates. Email any of your questions to Natalie:

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