Saturday Morning Urban Workouts start October 26

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Looking for a good workout, but need some motivation?  Join John Lawson and Natalie Campanella at Foot Tools on Saturday mornings starting October 26.

These dynamic workouts will get you outside, using Burlington’s urban landscape as your gym.  Workouts will include running, strength training, dynamic movements and targeting key core elements, such as glute and core strength, helping you build a stronger base and reduce the risk of injury.  For those with specific needs, whether coming off an injury or illness, or have limited range with mobility for certain movements, workouts will be adapted to ensure you get the same benefits without hurting yourself.

The Saturday morning Urban Workouts will start at 8:30 and are drop-in sessions.  Each session costs $5, which includes your workout and a coffee (or tea) from one of our Downtown Burlington partners, Tamp Coffee Co.

John Lawson is co-owner of Foot Tools, with his wife, Paula Desjardins.  John is an avid fitness enthusiast and successful coach, known for training his athletes to achieve some of their personal best performances in racing.  John’s knowledge of base movements and the benefits of strength training combined with fast-paced aerobic workouts ensure that results are achieved at the right pace.


Natalie Campanella has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. She has her degree in psychology along with extensive experience as a trainer. She became passionate about being part of a a solution towards alternative methods in restoring health in mature adults when she was young.  Caring for her Grandparents she realized that healing goes beyond traditional and conventional methods of treating the body to the exclusion of other aspects of a persons existence.  She became keenly interested in understanding the impact and correlation between the mind and the body. Ultimately this led to the creation of her soon to be released book and video series, both designed to release the potential of mid life.

Natalie is a Mother to 4 beautiful children, ranging in age from 5-13 years of age.  In between and after her pregnancies, Natalie actively participated in many local 5 and 10km running races. Using her method of training she learned how to rank anywhere from 1st overall to placing in her age group. To date, she has completed 9 marathons and multiple triathlons. In between her business, children and running she also enjoys the occasional kayak excursion on Lake Ontario.


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