Sprinting can make you faster

By John, Foot Tools Owner

Do you want to improve your running form and develop speed?  Then introduce sprint training into your training program.  For inspiration, watch 200 and 400 metre runners and how they float around the track.  Sprinting is an excellent way to develop the glutes, an area of weakness for many runners.  Sprinting also works the calves as you strike more to the forefoot as you increase speed.  Long slow distance running can lead to some sloppy bad habits and poor form; introducing sprinting into your routine will require focus and will break the monotony of steady paced running, which will be a refreshing change and will help you build on speed.

Another bonus of adding sprinting to your routine?  Sprinting burns calories and builds muscle, a great weight loss combination!

Introduce sprinting gradually and make sure you have a good quality warm up as an essential part of your work out.  Start off with 50 metre sprint accelerations at about 50- 85% of your top speed.  Also, short fast acceleration of 20 meters will help you work up to your top speed.  As you progress, add 60 to 100 metre repeats with a full recovery of 100 meters of easy running or walking.  Sprint spikes will help you get the full benefits from sprinting.  A quality sprint spike has a full-length sprint plate, which promotes power through a sprint-specific pattern that focuses energy where it is needed most. 

Mizuno Tokyo

Foot Tools has a promotion on the Mizuno Tokyo Sprint Spike – regularly $99.99, the Tokyo is now on sale for $30.00!  A great deal for someone introducing sprinting to their training program.  If you are looking for more variety to see what works best for you, we also carry the Asics Japan Lite-Ning, Nike Zoom Superfly R3, Nike Zoom Ja, Saucony Showdown, Puma Complete Theseus Pro Ltd and many more. 

Come in and we will fit you in a performance fast shoe.  Speed is fun and we will help you get there!

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