Shoe Reviews – Staff Favourites

The trusty staff here at Foot Tools aren’t just a bunch of people who know a lot about shoes – we wear them too!!  Here are some reviews on what we like to wear on our feet:

Patte – A.K.A The Long Distance Junkie

Long Runs~I mix it up between Saucony Ride & Mizuno Creation. Both offer good support for the long haul.

Saucony Peregrine Trail Shoe

Short Runs~ Kinvara by Saucony or Boston by Adidas.  They have enough cushion for my short fast runs.

Trails~New Peregrines from Saucony or The North Face Single Track trail shoes.
Both offer the traction needed for the trails as well as toe protection and are lighter than other trail shoes.

For this LDJ the most important aspect of my shoes is the ability to accommodate my orthotic which I need for severe metatarsalgia.  Saucony is #1 in my books with Mizuno a very close 2nd.

Patte the LDJ!

Jen P. – A.K.A The Fastest Woman Alive

Mizuno Wave Precision

Mizuno’s Wave Precision has been a great shoe for me. As a middle distance runner I do not rack up a lot of miles. The precision is a great lightweight shoe for the track with exceptional toe off for my faster workouts. It transitions nicely to the road with just enough protection between me and the road for my “long” runs. Without dragging around extra weight in my shoes, this lightweight neutral makes my runs more enjoyable. The precision also makes my track workouts faster with its great ability to transition the runner onto their toes and into their next stride. I would highly recommend the Precision to any runner looking for a great ride in a lightweight shoe.

Chris – A.K.A The Palette Pulling Queen

I have been wearing Adidas Boston 2 now for over 2 months.  I have run races up to 10k, on single track trails, on pavement, on gravel, in the sunshine but more frequently in the rain(crazy weather!), done speed work and trained long slow distance.  I have not been disappointed.  This lightweight shoe has responded to everything I’ve put it through.

The heel cup fits like a glove.  I have high arches and the midfoot accommodates that.  I also have a wide foot.  The toe box is the best fit I’ve ever found.  I’ve had shoes where the toe

Adidas Boston 2

box is too big causing me to lose a toenail from banging around.  I’ve had shoes too small causing blisters on the ball of my foot.  The material in the Boston stretches around the foot, fitting it tightly without rubbing.  Because I’m heavy for a runner, I don’t think I’d wear these shoes for a run longer then 10k as I start to feel the need for more cushion around that mark.

Overall I love the shoe and would recommend it to anyone looking for a neutral lightweight trainer.

Brianne – A.K.A Runs Fast When Talking

Saucony’s new lightweight neutral trainer, the Kinvara, has become my favourite go-to shoe.  This shoe has been extremely versatile for me and hasn’t let me down yet.  I have run distances up to 15km in the Kinvara, on gravel, trail and road, and I am continuously surprised by how cushioned the shoe is for the distance and terrain.  I am also a crossfitter and this shoe has provided good cushion, support and stability when weightlifting, box jumping, or whatever other challenges my workout is putting me through!

Saucony Kinvara

One of my favourite features of the Kinvara is the flexible mesh upper along with the breathability of the shoe.  I do not have wide feet, but when running my feet need to be able to expand and contract as well as breathe.  This shoe has been the first shoe I’ve found that hasn’t caused massive blisters when running more then 8km!  My post-race foot recovery has drastically improved!

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