Strength Training for Runners

The staff at Foot Tools see all sorts of runners everyday – seasoned athletes with a few ultras under their belts; dynamic, fast racers who have mastered their 5k times; beginners who are looking to get their health under control; and running enthusiasts who just run for the sake of running.  Of course, there are plenty of other types out there, but you get the point.  You wouldn’t think that any of these runners have anything in common, but we have a surprise for you – most runners have one major common element missing from their running routine, and that is strength training.

Few runners realize how important a strong core can be for their overall performance and health.  A strong core is the foundation for a stronger body and faster results.  A well maintained core can prevent injuries, as well as benefit day-to-day activities, not just your overall running performance.  So what exactly is your core?

Key core stabilizers

Key core stabilizers

Generally, your core includes most major and minor muscles groups included between your back/abdomen and above your knees.  These muscles can be activated and strengthen by targeting them through specific strength training exercises that can be done in less than 30 minutes each day.  Most of these exercises can be done from home, with very little equipment required.  Competitor Magazine recently published an article highlighting Five Essential Strength Training Exercises for Runners – some great ideas to get you started. Want more?  Here are some links to keep you moving:

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Need more guidance or worried about doing movements properly?  Did you know – Foot Tools offers dynamic workouts and strength training on Tuesday and Thursday nights every week at our Beach House facility.  For $100, you receive 12 sessions to be used anytime – whether you go every week or a couples times a month.  Working with John Lawson, Foot Tools owner, you will learn more than just key core exercises – you will gain better knowledge on how to strengthen your body and maximize your running efficiency through workouts, speed and strength training, and dynamic warm-ups and cool-down stretches that will ensure your aren’t hurting (as much) the next day.  If interested, email John at [email protected] for more information.

Remember! A strong core is the foundation for good health in fitness – so get started and see the benefits for yourself.

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