The Mirror Effect

By guest blogger, Natalie

Your body mirrors and reflects what you are focused on. If you’re stressed, your shoulders hunch up and your muscles tense. If you’re laughing, your muscles lengthen out and feel light. To maximize performance and encourage a full range of motion you want to encourage a focus that allow for this.

To start, and prior to your next workout or race, begin to notice and become aware of your thoughts and emotions.

Start consciously directing them in a way that is going to support your best results. Draw your attention to being grateful for being able to run. This focus encourages your body to relax, and when you relax, you breathe with greater ease.

Another key focus is acceptance. However or whatever pace you run is perfect. It’s your expression of your energy and isn’t meant to be judged. At this point you’re not stressing yourself out to perform any other way then how you are performing. This focus on acceptance relaxes you further and oddly encourages you to outperform. This was my key focus when I won my first 10km race.

One last way to influence your body is key words. Focus on words that you want to inspire in your body. Repeat them as you move. Words like: fluid, relaxed, strong.

Have an incredible run!


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