The Saucony Peregrine – A nice surprise

By Paula, Foot Tools Owner

It’s cold and it’s winter.  I can’t wear sandals anymore and I needed a dark shoe to wear with my black pants while here at Foot Tools.   As the owner, I have my pick of any shoe in the store (definite perk!);  I have a big foot, with a high arch, so I needed a dark neutral shoe.  I came across the Saucony Peregrine, a black shoe with some dark pink trim on the sole, a new trail shoe out this year.  So what the heck, I try it on.  It looks great with my black pants, which was the main reason I put it on.  But oh my goodness!!!  I could not believe the feel and the immediate comfort.  A “right out of the box” fit and no break-in period.

Women's Saucony Peregrine

I have worn a lot of makes and models of running shoes , but there are not too many that give me that “ aaaahhhhh” feeling on my feet.  The Saucony Peregrine, so you know, pioneered the “minimalist movement”… ( less is more in a shoe).  So that is why it has the natural feel on my foot.  It has a low profile look (4 mm heel-toe drop).  So there is no “hunk a chunk” build up and my heels are not jacked up in the shoes.  It has some nice lugs on the bottom, so if I do decide to go on the trails, I can focus my way through any terrain.  But the lugs aren’t so large that it would not be comfortable to run on the road.  I found just running down the street in the Peregrine that it was incredibly responsive.  When I got back the store, I weighed the shoe and it was only 8.2 oz.  Now that is pretty light, yet I could feel the cushioning in the shoe.

Men's Saucony Peregrine

If you like the Saucony Kinvara, a lightweight trainer, you will love this trail version, the Peregrine.  Named after the Peregrine Falcon, lightning swift and known as the “fastest animal” on the planet with its ability to reach diving speeds of 240 mph, which would give this bird a 100 mile PR of about 24 minutes!

Come by Foot Tools and check it out for yourself!

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